Become a Strategy Room Hero in Somers Point, NJ

Our super hero escape room takes fun to a new level in South Jersey

Have you always wanted to be the super hero of your own storyline? Then you’re going to love Room For Escape in Somers Point. In our Super Hero Room, you’ll race against the clock to defeat your arch nemesis. But be careful! He lured you in there with a trap, so more traps may linger! In this room you will:

  • Gather clues
  • Crack the code
  • Escape to save the day

Call 609-904-2610 to learn more about the Super Hero Room, or to schedule this escape room experience for your friends and family.

Fun for friends and family in Somers Point, NJ

Are you looking for a fun, challenging way to spend an afternoon with your friends or family in South Jersey? Our Super Hero Room is perfect for all ages. Sign up for our escape rooms and strategy rooms by clicking “Book Now” or calling our Somers Point, NJ location at 609-904-2610.

3 things to remember when you’re in the room

The evil villain has already fooled you once, watch out for other traps and false clues.

Work together with your team! Different problem solving skills may help you get out of the room faster.

Keep your eyes peeled! Clues and traps can be in the most unexpected places.

Book an hour now to play the Super Hero Room with a group of friends or family!