Do You Have What It Takes to Save the Day?

Jump into the pages of a comic book in Somers Point, NJ

You’ve secretly wanted to be a superhero your entire life. Now’s your chance. Bring a group of friends, colleagues or family and immerse yourself in the comic book world of Room for Escape’s Super Hero Room! Your arch nemesis has led you into a trap, and now you have to find your way to the end of it so you can foil his plans of activating his Doom machines. Unfortunately, the room has disabled your powers, so you must get out of the room using clues and your quick wit!

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3 things to remember when you’re in the room

The evil villain has already fooled you once, watch out for other traps and false clues.

Work together with your team! Different problem solving skills may help you get out of the room faster.

Keep your eyes peeled! Clues and traps can be in the most unexpected places.

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