Super Trapped!

Do you dream of flying through the sky, rescuing cats from trees, stopping bank robberies and fighting the forces of evil? Put on your cape and become the hero you dreamed of!

The Search for Intelligent Life

Advanced extraterrestrials have created a test for earthlings to see if they are worthy of befriending. Can you pass the alien challenge?

Escape Nevermore

Edgar Allan Poe’s tales start to come to life in this creepy challenge. Can you find the missing manuscript?

How Will You Escape?

Prepare for a multifaceted problem-solving experience

Become immersed in a physical adventure game that will challenge and entertain you. Escape rooms have taken the world by storm over the past decade as an engaging and interactive form of entertainment. Join us at Room for Escape in South Jersey to engage in a unique experience that you’ll remember for years to come!

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Would you rather be a superhero or face a pendulum?

Relive some of your fantasies from childhood in one of our themed escape rooms. Face Poe’s tales of terror or take on the role of a hero and escape the clutches of an evil villain. Find yourself locked in one of two rooms for an hour to solve clues and bond with your group!

3 reasons you should play one of our Somers Point, NJ escape rooms this week

  1. It is a pleasantly challenging escape from the monotony of the work or school week
  2. It is a great family entertainment alternative to going to the movies or bowling
  3. It is a fun way to practice teamwork skills with a school group, baseball team or group of coworkers

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